Moroccan antique clay sculpture

Discover the beauty and charm of traditional Moroccan art with our Moroccan clay sculpture, crafted with magnificent neutral and earthy tones that reflect the essence of local craftsmanship. This unique piece is ideal for decorating any space, adding a touch of authenticity and exoticism to your home.


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Immerse yourself in the rich craft tradition of Morocco with this captivating Moroccan antique clay sculpture. This artwork, a reflection of traditional Moroccan art, is a living testimony to the skill and creativity of local artisans. Carved from Moroccan clay and carefully molded, each sculpture is a unique expression of clay craftsmanship in Morocco.

Main features:

  • Moroccan clay sculpture reflecting the rich craft tradition of Morocco.
  • Magnificent neutral and earthy tones that bring warmth and authenticity to the piece.
  • Measurements: Height 44cm x Width 29cm, an ideal size to stand out in any space.
  • Origin: Morocco, where the tradition of clay craftsmanship is deeply rooted.

Recommended uses:

  • Perfect for decorating shelves, side tables, or special corners in your home, adding a touch of Moroccan art to the decor.
  • Ideal as a centerpiece in ethnic or bohemian decor compositions, creating a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

Technical specifications:

Material: Clay
Color: Neutral and earthy tones
Measurements: Height 44cm x Width 29cm
Origin: Morocco

This Moroccan clay sculpture is much more than a simple decorative piece; it is an expression of traditional art and craftsmanship in Morocco that will transform any space into a place full of history and charm.

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