ART.67 Ancient couple of wood carvings from Toraja, Indonesia


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Old pair of hand-carved wood carvings from the façade of a Toraja house.

The rooster is a decorative element that is very present in Toraja architecture since it is a symbol of prosperity..

Origin: Toraja, Indonesia

Ethnic Group: Tana Toraja

Period: Mid S.XX

Measurements: 21cm wide (base) x 48cm high

The Tana Toraja, one of the most amazing and intact ethnic groups in Asia with its ancestral customs and mysterious funeral rituals. They live in the mountains south of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, in the area called Tana Toraja near Rantepao. A place full of typical boat-shaped houses (called tongkonans), buffaloes grazing in green fields and forests that cover everything. But if something makes the Toraja unique, it is their peculiar conception of death. There, the experience of the death of a relative, the funeral rites and the burial are unique, preserving their ancestral traditions.

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