Carmen Roncero, Cáceres 1970, is an intuitive painter and this, together with the naturalness that her work transmits, gives rise to her own particular style that avoids fitting into any artistic current.
In April 2023 she made a solo exhibition of her abstract landscapes “El paisaje desmaterializado” in the Complejo Cultural Santa María de Plasencia. This exhibition was a research work of the author through painting, about the representation of the landscape and its essential elements.

The dematerialised landscape includes a series of oil paintings where landscape and abstraction merge, paintings that are difficult to describe verbally and which are more suited to a sensitive language and an emotional reading by the spectator. "They are compositions organised through fields of colour, with an emotional line that takes us back to Nordic romanticism, within the framework of "a path of search to find a poetics of space"" Europa Press - Diputación de Cáceres "I like to investigate and try out different themes, although it is true that, although I work in other styles, I always return to the abstractions of landscapes and the melancholic faces of women" Carmen Roncero