Italian collection of plaster cameos

Immerse yourself in the charm of the 19th century with this magnificent painting showcasing an exquisite collection of plaster cameos and imprints! Framed in black wood against a cerulean blue background, this treasure reveals its origins in Rome through a hand-engraved inscription by Antonio Odelli, a prominent engraver of the time. Perfectly preserved and with a significant decorative impact, this piece is a true gem for collectors and art enthusiasts.


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This marvelous 19th-century painting features a collection of plaster reliefs of various shapes and themes, framed in black wood with a cerulean blue background. A hand inscription reveals its origin in Rome, specifically on the Via delle 4 Fontane, engraved by Antonio Odelli, a famous engraver of the time. Perfectly preserved and of great decorative effect, this painting is a collectible piece that radiates elegance.


Main features:

  • Vintage Italian Cameo: The meticulously carved cameo is the centerpiece of this painting, adding a touch of distinction and beauty to the ensemble.
  • Renaissance Design: Framed in intricately carved wood with exquisite finishes, the painting showcases a Renaissance design that reflects the opulence and refinement of the era.
  • Antique Patina: The aged patina of the frame and the delicacy of the cameo evoke a sense of authenticity and nostalgia, transporting you to 19th-century Italy.


Recommended uses:

  • Perfect as a decorative piece in living rooms, libraries, or art galleries, this cameo painting adds a touch of sophistication and vintage style to any space.
  • Ideal as a gift for art collectors or enthusiasts of Italian culture, showing appreciation for the beauty and craftsmanship of the Renaissance period.
  • An impressive addition to art exhibitions or cultural events, where it can highlight the beauty and historical significance of the Italian cameo.


Technical specifications:
Dimensions: Height 67cm, Width 47cm.
Origin: Italy.
Era: 19th Century.


Immerse yourself in the rich history of Italian art and adorn your home with this magnificent Italian Cameo Painting. Get this unique piece today and bring home a piece of Italian culture and art!

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