Burmese Nat, lacquered teakwood

Extraordinary antique Burmese carving


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This depiction of a Burmese Nat (deity) shows a male rider on white horse.

He is a Nat, from pre-Buddhist animist beliefs of Burmese people. These are a group of supernatural beings, or nature spirits, of which there is special group of 37 ‘royal’ Nats.

Nat worship sill occurs in Burmese society alongside Buddhism which is the prevalent religion. It is much more common in rural areas.

A likely identification is of Shwe Sitthin, ´Golden Warrior´ also known as Myin Phyu Shin, ´Lord of the White horse´. He was a son of King Saw Mon Nit, the last ´King`of the Pagan dynasty. His mother was Medaw Shwezaga, also ine of the 37 nats.

Exceptional decorative item.

Origin: Myanmar, Burma

Epoch: Circa 1930

Measurements: Height 55,5cm x Length 40cm


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