Antique patchwork Kutch tapestry – Guyarat, India


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Indian old patchwork Kutch. Wall hanging

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Wonderful 19th century antique wall tapestry hand-embroidered in Gujarat, India.

It is in magnificent condition despite its age, having been renovated by hand in the 1950s.

The colour of this tapestry is exceptional and rare, as the vast majority of tapestries from this period are reddish in colour.

Because of its unique condition associated with the craftsmanship behind each piece and its age, no two are alike, it is an absolutely unique piece.

This product is an exceptional piece and has excellent preservation.

These magnificent embroideries come from the Kutch region, a district in the state of Gujarat, India. The characteristic effect of the colourful embroidery shines through when small mirrors are stitched onto the designs. Many of Kutch’s embroideries are influenced by various architectural designs and motifs. Embroidered fabrics are used for festive occasions and to decorate deities, so animals and figures of Indian gods and goddesses feature prominently in the design.

Vintage Patchwork is a technique in which different pieces of fabric are taken and put together to form something different. In this wall decoration beautiful pieces of colourful vintage fabric patches were put together. This Kutch Shisha textile can be framed or hung on the wall.

Period: 1850

Measurements: Height 195cm x Width 145cm

Conservation: Very good

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