Victor Mirabelli is a New York based artist with an abstract and impressionistic style, the recurring themes in his paintings are the countryside, barns, farms, earth, fields, trees and grasses. These elements are masterfully depicted by Mirabelli through his exquisite use of shadow and light and colour.

His modern, vibrant landscapes capture the essence of his surroundings growing up in his native Wenatchee, Washington. His varied artistic background, with influences from drawing, exposure to visualisation and graphic design, helped him visualise the placement and design of objects in his landscapes and his use of positive and negative space. The colours Mirabelli uses are determined by the four seasons of the year, the reflections of light and shadows on the earth. These colours give his art pieces an impressive and unique visual quality. Victor Mirabelli is an artist whose skill and creativity are reflected in his oil paintings. His recurring themes, style and use of colours make his work an exceptional display of the beauty of nature and rural life.