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Textiles has been linked to the human being since ancient times and throughout its history some fabrics have managed to become real jewels object of desire of pharaohs, kings, aristocrats, merchants etc.

For many centuries, fabrics have been an essential decorative element of decoration. Decorating your home with textiles offers you a warmer, more beautiful and more cared for atmosphere. Fabrics are tremendously decorative, with an infinite variety of designs and quality.

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Where to use them?

In the most common places; upholstery or covers for sofas and armchairs, covers for dining room chairs, headboards, curtains, cushions, blankets, bedspreads, etc. And also in the less seen ones; bed skirts, canopies, curtains instead of doors, curtains instead of doors in kitchen furniture, sink skirts, wall paneling, side table skirts, wall hanging, etc.

Fabrics set the style of your home decor and are very versatile because of their infinite variety of colours on which to design your home.

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Choose the most suitable type of fabric for your location and use.


Decide on a style for the final result: You will not have the same perception in a room with natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or wool than with velvets, silks and furs. Therefore you must decide if you want a country and natural style, sophisticated and elegant, industrial, vintage, classic, modern, etc.


Choose the base colors you want and add the secondary colors, they are usually stronger than the base colors.


Choose designs and patterns that give you the style you are looking for.


Mix textures and prints with the colors you have chosen to make the whole look more full-bodied.

Mixtures to fall in love with

Take the risk of working with colors and playing with different patterns.

You start with the tone you want and then add more colours, layers and patterns incorporating other textile elements, such as cushions, curtains, etc. to reinforce and unite the whole. It’s also important to mix scales of patterns rather than all motifs being the same size. And forget about everything matching perfectly, in fact the space will be more interesting if it doesn´t.

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Love colour. Take risk. Be curious

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