Taxidermy Carp

Add a rustic and natural touch to your home with this impressive taxidermy carp mounted on a wooden stand. A unique piece for collectors and lovers of naturalistic decor.


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Immerse yourself in natural beauty with this full-body taxidermy carp, elegantly presented on a wooden stand with a rough finish imitating the texture of the carp’s skin. This wooden stand not only provides stability but also adds a touch of authenticity by showcasing the carp’s skin texture.

The taxidermy carp, with its rough finish and realistic details, is more than just a decorative object; it is a meticulously crafted piece that captures the essence of the natural world. This type of rustic-style decoration is perfect for those looking to incorporate natural elements into their spaces, whether in a cozy cabin or a home inspired by nature.

Each piece of this taxidermy carp is unique, making it a true gem for collectors of natural rarities. Its French origin and dating to the 20th century add historical and cultural value, making this taxidermy carp a valuable and exclusive acquisition.

Main features:

  • Taxidermy Carp: An authentic taxidermy piece that adds a naturalistic touch to any space.
  • Mounted on Wooden Stand: The carp is fixed on a sturdy wooden stand with a rough finish, imitating the texture of the carp’s skin.
  • Realistic Details: Highlights the natural beauty of the carp.
  • Rustic Style Decoration: Perfect for integrating into rustic, cabin, or nature-inspired environments.
  • Unique Collector’s Piece: Ideal for collectors seeking unique and rare pieces.

Technical specifications:

Height: 39 cm
Length: 84 cm
Width of Stand: 20 cm
Origin: France
Era: 20th Century

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg