White cotton Suzani

Suzani Bedspread


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Suzani white cotton with bottle green embroidery on cotton

The embroidery on this suzani is in a single color, bottle green.

Highly decorative fabric for bed base, sofa, table top, headboard wall or wall decoration.

Dimensions: 230 x 148

Origin: Rajasthan, India

Time: The 80’s

What are the Suzani.

The suzani is a type of fabric created by the nomadic tribes of Central Asia. Its name comes from the Persian word suzan, meaning “needle”. It is a cotton, linen or silk fabric laboriously embroidered with silk thread. Originally, the larger pieces were divided into strips that were then worked separately and joined together. In terms of design, floral motifs predominate almost exclusively. These reproduce all kinds of plant species such as the symbol of fertility and life. Eggplant and brown colors stand out, which stand out against backgrounds that are usually red or in natural tones.

The suzani are hand-embroidered artisanal works that are more irregular than modern industrially made designs. They offer a great chromatic richness due to the natural dyes used.


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