18th Century Basque bed with canopy

This exceptional 18th-century Basque bed is a true gem of antique furniture. It represents a unique piece of the rich history of antique furniture design in the Basque Country. Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship in polychrome pine wood, this bed captures the very essence of the charm and craftmanship of the era.

These pieces of furniture, laden with history and charm, are becoming increasingly scarce, making each preserved specimen even more valuable and appreciated by antique furniture connoisseurs. It is important to note that one of these beds was featured on the cover of the prestigious House and Garden magazine, highlighting its exceptional nature as an iconic piece of antique interior design.


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Exceptional Basque bed, a rarity among the sobriety of Basque antiques.

The pine wood, carefully carved and painted in an orangey-red tone on stucco, gives a feeling of warmth and authenticity to this unique piece. The colour and decoration, composed of geometric and figurative motifs, become the protagonists of this piece. The canopy, headboard, footboard and side rails, all preserved in their original state, are particularly noteworthy, making it a true rarity in the world of antique furniture.

This antique bed is much more than just a piece of furniture; it is a work of art that will transform any space. Ideal for those looking to incorporate authentic antique furniture into their interior décor, this bed is the perfect centrepiece for any bedroom looking to stand out for its originality and historical charm.

Some similar examples arrived in the 1980s to the Basque Museum in Bilbao, highlighting its historical value.


Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Height 185cm x Width 140cm x Length 190cm; Canopy 200x140cm
  • Origin: These beds originated in Mungia, Vizcaya, although one was found in Fuenterrabía, Guipúzcoa, in the 1960s. It is believed to be from the former Castle of Carlos V.
  • Era: Mid-18th century

Technical Specifications:

  • Headboard cut in the shape of a semicircular arch and footboard in rectangular board.
  • Assembly of the different parts of the bed through tongue-and-groove joints and secured by rear crossbars.
  • Preserves all original elements in excellent condition.


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