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“Gallery Wall” is a term used in decoration to define the wall exhibition, that is, it is the content that we are going to put on a wall to decorate it, as if the wall was part of an exhibition of an art gallery and we present our artworks.

It is a way of decorating economical and tremendously grateful because a good gallery wall is able to give your room a lift.

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¿How to do it?

In the gallery wall we can put “almost” everything. We can put elements with volume, such as figures, sculptures, boxes, hats, plates, tiles or lebrillos or on the opposite paintings on canvas or paper that do not provide volume.

We can also mix planes and volumes and the result will be more casual, personal and creative.

As always in this life, there are tastes for everything. The taste of each one and the style and atmosphere that we want to give to a space will determine the final result.

Monochrome, eclectic, collectible, elegant, minimalist, maximalist, serious, rustic, artistic, casual, vintage, traveled, antique, eccentric and so on.

If you are a collector or artist it is an ideal time to show off your treasures and artworks.

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Follow these steps to create your Gallery Wall.


Calculate the size of the wall.


Decide if you want to fill the entire wall or make a smaller composition.


Take out the pieces you want to display.


Choose the frames you want to use. They can be the same, of similar tones or a more creative composition based on frames of different shapes and colors that form a good set.


Make a simulation of the exhibition on the floor and check the space you have.


Choose a non-invasive fixing system in case you want to make changes from time to time or you are not convinced by the result.


If you want a more maximalist and creative gallery wall I recommend that you place first your initial combination with the elements you want to show and fill the gaps with other objects you have.

Be patient if you don’t find anything to hang immediately, leave the hole empty and keep your eyes open, you are sure to find a treasure that was waiting to be found and that is the perfect piece to complete your gallery.

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Foto Ngoc Minh Ngo

If you are a collector it is an ideal time to show off your treasures.

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