Decorating with books is something that we have been doing for a long time in our homes, whether we are readers or not, in our homes we always have books that we can use as decorative elements.

Why books?

Like antiques, books bring quality and warmth to a home and have a fascinating common feature: they are items that leave their mark on a home in part because they are the equivalent of a time capsule and because they hide history inside.

As Irene Vallejo wrote in her wonderful book ” Infinity in a Reed”, “A book is always a message”, a locked voice that patiently waits to be released.

Those “messages” locked in your home print a certain halo of mystery that somehow give category to your house and an intellectual air to your decoration.

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The place to store the books depends on the space you have and your style, so we are going to see from the most classic formulas to some of the most creative ones.

In the bookstore, shelf or showcase.

If you like to read, you will surely choose a dynamic bookstore where colors, sizes and periods will be mixed, but you can organize them by sizes and colors to give more homogeneity.

If you are not a lover of reading, you can always buy books depending on the colors of their spines and their age. Old books generally have leather spines that mix tobacco and brown colors that are very elegant, you can buy them in second-hand book stores.

Mixing books with objects or photos is a solution to fill and at the same time gives a lot of dynamism, thus lightening the space.

A recent trend is to place books so that we show the pages and hide the spine. If you’re a reader, I don’t think it’s a very comfortable solution, but if you’re not, I think it’s a fantastic option for those looking for an elegant and neutral monochrome. You can search for options with the hashtag #backwardsbooks

In the coffee table or support tables.

To decorate the tables with hardcover books is a classic of interior design, we can use larger and thicker books in this case.

If we have an important book for us, we can place it individually on a table or placed on a bookrest, if we don’t want to display it, we can always put the most beautiful books superimposed in small groups and put a small decorative object on top such as a statue, a plant or a centerpiece.

We can also make a stack of medium-sized books from the same collection and wrap them with a thick rope, as if we had just bought them in a 19th century bookstore.

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On the bedside table.

A reader always has his bedside table or the floor next to the bed full of books since it is very common to read in bed before going to sleep. To give a more orderly feeling, it is convenient to organize them by groups of different sizes and put the largest books below.

On the floor.

I am in love with stacking books on the floor, on the one hand it is a very practical option to store if you don’t have any other place to store them and on the other I love the bohemian and creative touch that it gives to your home.

You can make stacks from largest to smallest so that it has more stability or also give it a utility by putting large books of a similar size and use the tower as a support table.

Normally these piles of books are attached to a wall, to the side of the sofa or in a corner so that they don’t bother us when moving around the room.

Shelves attached to the ceiling and above the doors.

If you are an enthusiastic reader, you don’t intend to switch to digital books and you like maximalism or if you simply don’t have much space at home you can always use the height of the walls and the height of the door frames to put your shelves of books.

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The result is very cozy and decorative.